Monday, November 29, 2010

meetings for final portfolio

Your Final Portfolio (Due Friday, Dec. 10) Should Include:

1. A Table of Contents
2. An Introduction (250 to 500 words) in which you explain which writer you encountered in this course (e.g. Nye, Brand, or ______) offers the best model for expository writing, and why.
3. A Revised Version of Paper Three (or Paper Two, if you like) in which you highlight the connection of your subject matter to New England.

Please bring your portfolio materials to me for our conference before the last day of class. Those materials should include a rough draft of your introductory essay.

Friday December 3

Gabrielle Chin
Collin McNamara
Jonah Lou
Alex Kithes
Greer Gavin
James Leong
Alyssa Azizi-Yarand

Monday December 6

Amy Ekart
Phil Sussingham
Alexandra Erb
John Yang
Arlind Hoxha
Alvin Chin
Ben Bernays

Wednesday December 8

Dennis Nakkeeran
Ryan Mulhern
Pamela Lim
Michael Ruan

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