Monday, November 15, 2010


Please consider which of the following dates you would like to give your

W 11-17 Student Presentations & Discussion

Alex Kithes

Monica Akhtar

Collin McNamara

Amy Ekart

Fr 11-19 Student Presentations & Discussion

Dennis Nakkeeran

Michael Ruan

Arlind Hoxha

Greer Gavin

Gabrielle Chin

M 11/22

Ben Bernays

M 11-29 Student Presentations & Discussion; Final version of Paper 3 due

Jonah Lou
John Yang

W 12-01 Student Presentations & Discussion

Phil Sussingham
Alexandra Erb
James Leong
Alyssa Azizi-Yarand

Fr 12-03 Student Presentations & Discussion; Draft of Final Portfolio due

Ryan Mulhern
Pamela Lim
Alvin Chen

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